Monday, October 25, 2010

Recent Stuff

I was looking through a lot of folders of artwork and pictures of such artwork, and I realized I haven't posted some of them, so that's what I'm gonna do.


My Nightmare Before Christmas Jack-O Lantern of Jack Skellington! Everyone I was carving with was doing Disney themed characters, so mine technically fits. Design from scratch.

Part of the pumpkin collapsed, so I decided to try and save it by making it into a crown. Half success!

 Before I left the newspaper, I drew a little cartoon of a Newspaper Fiend on the whiteboard. This is where the staff writes what is incoming for each week and what's held, etc. so it was taking up too much space. To remedy that, I decided to ink a more permanent piece that wouldn't intrude with routine.

And voila! It's all grown up, and still enjoying chewing on papers! The frame I had I got from a thrift store. It was all torn up and dinged, so it looked like the "fiend" was trying to get out.

At meals, I've been drawing requests on napkins (I may snag all the photos other people have of them and compile them here soon). Anyway, my brother made a Deadmau5 costume for Halloween, and I decided to give him a gift to go with it. Double BAMF Deadmau5!

I find it ironic that I've been drawing on napkins a lot--the chat-drawing program on the threads I drew these on is called Napkin.

My friend Ethan, the one with the board, is living closer to me, so we've been trading art back and forth. We've been posting artwork on each other's doors to find, almost like a weird conversation. I'm gonna take pictures of mine and his, and hopefully in the future readers can follow the "conversation" on here.

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  1. I should bring you the ones that I have so you can post them!