Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Board designs

Ethan, stay away!

Sorry, my friend Ethan--who requested I draw on his blank skate deck--also requested he not see what I'm doing until it's finished, so that's just to scare him off. Now that it is just everyone-but-Ethan, you can see what I've been doing!

(All images can be enlarged)

During my meals I've been sketching and doodling, a few of them for this project. For some reason, the image of squids and octopi, so that's what I mainly focused on.

Once I found which image I liked the most (top right on first page), and noted some colors, I went back to the blank board and used a china marker to sketch out the lines. When I took the photo, the light washed out the sketch-lines, so I went over in GIMP to darken some lines.

I then took to my computer, armed myself with my tablet stylus, GIMP, and went to town sketching and playing with colors. Here is the rough-version of what I want the board to look like.

The next step is to find a day to set out newspaper, don painting-clothes, and paint up the board. I will keep up on the progress on here. Hopefully I can get it done for Ethan pretty soon!

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  1. Thats so awesome Alex ( its Lacey) I am working on designing a graphic for a new snowboard ^^ Im getting upgrades this year before the season starts.