Monday, November 29, 2010

Art Share: November!

So, at the beginning of November I had a request for art and creativity from people I knew, as well as people that read my blogs. I used my birthday as a guilt trip for art, but in the future I won't use such a tactic.

Here's what people contributed during this round. Please note I do not own any of the artwork, except for where I note that it's my piece. Any copyright infringement/art theft is responsible by the person that submitted the work.

Mike Larsen


Rafael Villapando


Nicholas Ferguson
The sea is calm,
Making a lite shhh as it softly cascades up and down the rocky beach.
The wind begins to pick up,
Whistling as it moves between the blades of the grass that lies further up the bank.
The rain starts,
...Beating a slow tap tap taptaptap on the surface of the water.
Lightening peals down the sky,
Thunder starts a slow, rolling growl.
The wind becomes a gale,
Whistling turns to howling as wind passes between everything.
The waves become swells,
Crashing against the rocks, sounding like a ferocious onslaught of symbols smashing together.
The rain becomes hail,
And the tempo of falling ice increases.
Lightning flashes everywhere,
Thunder rapidly crescendos.
And then, all at once,
Energy seems to dissipate and everything becomes calm and serene once more.


A line scrawled across a page,
It's meaning lost ages ago.
A sentence stopped dead,
With words unsaid.
A painting full of color,
...Yet still lacking.
A song full of words,
But devoid of emotion.
A dusty camera,
With a burned out bulb.
A sculpture,
Missing it's final touches.
A poem that lies unwritten.
The things Artists suffer from,
The things that Artists strive for,
Are what makes an Artist stronger.


Sandy Stokes:
Editor and Co-Publisher of La Conner Weekly News

the grass froze last night
sun sparkles in white crystals
crunching under shoes


Danni Wilkins

Candace Feingold,  with Kelly and Tara Gilkey

There once were two medium sized monsters named Zebo and Stonkerston. They were the outcasts in their home of Stronkstonville because they weren’t part of the Big or Small monster club. They were medium monsters. The leaders of the big and ...small monster club bullied poor Zebo and Stonkerston. It was sad. One day the MT&T started a contest for the monsters to create an advertisement for MT&T. The winner got a remodel of their school. The big and little monsters had ideas but nothing connected them. They wanted to create an ad to show the bars for the company. However, they had a medium sized problem; they didn’t have a medium bar. Just then they realized that they needed the medium monsters Zebo and Stonkerston. The Big and Littles went to Zebo and Stonkerston to ask them to help with the advertisement. Zebo and Stonkerston agreed to help only if the Big and Littles would stop bullying them. The Big and Littles agreed to stop and shook hands with each other. All of the monsters won the contest and Zebo and Stonkerston were never bullied again.



And of course, my own work that I did between the time the event started and ended (even though it wasn't a Requirement).

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Music Art

I've been doing some music-related art for some awesome people, primarily my roommate Rtist, and awesome Norwegian musician, Binärpilot.

Here is some of the artwork I've been doing for both of them, as well as some links to their stuff.


Below is the base artwork for Rtist's "University on Fire" for the project he's called Soul Searching. Being his roommate, I'm constantly hearing the mixes and work that goes into it, so I'm a little biased, but I like it. I also get to work with someone on creating art. Doubleplus!

You can find the download site through this shortened link:
For now this is a temporary link, and he hopes to allow the downloads on a more "stable" site. Being his roommate, I should have the replacement link before anyone notices it's down.

This was using GIMP once again, and my tablet. The lens flare was added the very last on my end, (on GIMP, if you can believe it), and I dig it a whole bunch.
Here's the version he put out with the song (which is downloaded with the song in the link above).

I also did an alternative version, which was more of my vision than my roommate's. If you prefer this version, then when you download the song you can grab this one and swap it out on iTunes. I think with all of the covers I'll do at least two versions, unless both of our visions are one.

I sketched out the emblem on GIMP, but then built the whole image in Inkscape.


These are "bumper cards" for Binärpilot's music video of "Underground" off of his new album, Nordland. I've been pretty active about spreading the album, so I did a review for it, and he asked me to do artwork for him on the music video. Also, you can order a hardcopy of the album here.

First off, here's the video for the song:

And below is the artwork:

If you've seen some of my latest posts, especially this one, then you know I'm really into black-and-white graphics at the moment (while still dabbling with color).

Both of these were sketched and worked out in GIMP, and then touched up in Inkscape, especially the word and "record-ball" in Underground, and the screen on the monitor.

Have a great Sunday!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Art Sharing Challenge!

My birthday is coming up in the next few weeks, and people keep asking me what I want for my birthday. Honestly, a lot of things for this list, but one thing I thought would be really interesting is to ask a lot of people to draw/create something and put it out into the world.

So, I'm using my birthday as more leverage to get people to do something creative and share it with the world. it may sound narcissistic and selfish, but it's for the Greater Creative Community!

So, pick up your pencils, pens, paintbrushes, and any other instruments of Awesome, and create something. It can be a poem, a dance routine, video, sculpture, sketch, doodle, painting, etc. Anything! The emphasis is on Creating and Creativity!

Post a link to your creation here as a comment, or on the Facebook event (but please not both).

All submissions must be posted/linked by the end of November 21st (wherever you live), and sometime in the following week I will have a post (or a series of them) showcasing everyone's creativity!

Just remember that the response time to share the posts is directly related to the volume of said posts.

Go forth and Create, and spread the news!
The shortened link is:

Have an awesome end of week!