Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Thread Art, Part One

Thought I'd share the artwork I've been doing on Binärpilot's Community (Binärmmunity) threads. A few requests were even made, and I carried them out pretty quickly.

Also, these were done in the threads' drawing option on the comment box. You can only draw in black, erase to white, make each brush smaller/larger, and undo something (no redo). The simplicity is very liberating. And also Zen-like. I used a mouse on this first one (I was at work), and on one other that I actually mention in the pic.

I'm putting them altogether here so one can scroll through and see the progression, and see all of them in one spot without getting lost in the threads.

(By the way, they're enlargeable).

Due to the onslaught of dino-related scribblings by fellow Binärites, a separate Dinosaurs! thread was created:

At the same time, I started a separate thread for Artwork--discussions and fan-made artwork. This was when I was experimenting with the full-black, while drawing in white process:

Back to the Dinosaurs! thread:

I was requested to draw "a T-rex battling a Triceratops, where the T-rex wins"--and that's what I did.

When I asked for anymore requests, I received "man flying in space rocket away from dinosaurs in space suits with big guns and metal claws?"--and this too I completed.

On the Artwork thread, I started doodling one of my (apparently) favorite things: Squids!

Although the piece "Robot Fighting the Kraken Whilst Proclaiming the Release of Binärpilot's Nordland to an Onlooking and Perplexed Lighthouse Keeper" is technically the newest piece (as of posting this post), the following one will finish this post:

A request of "A triceratops with magic(?) powers killing a T-rex. Magic powers could mean anything, I guess. Laser beams 'n shit like that." The original T-rex vs. Triceratops was part of a jaunt between two friends over who would win. This last one was requested by the same person, as a consolation for the first.

So yeah, these are my thread-based artworks, and now I'm off to bed.

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