Thursday, January 28, 2010

That's Cute...

Just recently rediscovered my friends' band they have on MySpace. It's not a true band, like a band-band, they remix different songs together. I still like it, anyway. I thought I'd share their music and the image.

The other night I was bored, creative, and had my computer. So I got cracking, and whipped out a playful little vector image for them. After I emailed it to them, they happily used the graphic.

Their band is called That's Cute, I Remember My First Remix (with corresponding MySpace link). By the way, my favorite song is My Drinking Team Has a Dancing Problem...and possibly Boner Jams.

Also, their other mock-band, Whores Behind Doors has some snazzy music! I may make a graphic for that one as well.

The graphic was created on Inkscape (vector-graphics), my Genius tablet, and insomnia.


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