Saturday, February 4, 2012

Danger Cat - Storyboard Commission

Last quarter, my cousin let me know that a friend of his wanted someone to create storyboards, and eventually an animation. The commissioner had created a story that accompanies a music piece for marimba, and wanted storyboards for an upcoming performance. With a set deadline, I set to work.

The story is called Danger Cat, and follows a rich-living and pompous housecat through an evening in the city after he gets locked out of his owner's house. This commission helped me figure some things out, and some people may catch that the later images look a little better than the first section. Mid-process learning, huzzah!

The commissioner emailed me his story and progression, as well as a clip of him playing the piece. I sketched a series of thumbnails of story-scenes I wanted to do, as well as planned if any scenes could be copy-pasted digitally, reducing the total I had to draw on paper.
I then sketched larger storyboards in pencil, inked the lines with a fine-tip pen, and took pictures (as the scanner would've taken too long). From there, I used GIMP and my Genius tablet / stylus to finish the images. Below are the storyboards, and video of the accompanying song. At the very bottom is a link to a selection of ink-only original scenes.



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