Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Special: Doctor Who (gift box)

I know that I may get a lot of random traffic because of this tag, but you won't be disappointed! For a little Christmas gift, I crafted a very small TARDIS, "pop-up" box. From the beginning I knew I wanted it to be handmade, and have a flap or something that made it look "bigger on the inside." I have never done paper engineering before, beyond a few Valentine's and birthday cards, so this was completely new for me.

Dissecting small gift-boxes, I had a general idea of what to design and cut. After a few test-runs with normal printer paper, I finalized a design and cut it in thicker, cardstock paper with an Exact-o.

Printer paper
Cardstock paper
Pencil and eraser
Pilot Pen, Precise V5
Inkscape (free vector program)

Here are some photos for the finished product, way down below are templates, since I'm in the festive, gift-giving mood.

Later versions I will try and figure out the way to have the fully-detailed top of the TARDIS.

Good peek inside to the console of the TARDIS--Matt Smith's version.

Pull on the tab, and the full console illustration pops out for all to see. Could also be space for a personal message or note.

Here are rough instructions, as well as a variety of printable* templates (that I completed after I finished the "pop-up" TARDIS), to fit your wants, needs, abilities, and how far you want to push your printer--or inversely, how much of your own creativity you'd like to use.

*The PDFs may not be available when this posts.

[Rough instructions - My model was 1 in x 1 in x 1.75 in, and the templates are in no specific units, but the height is a full 2, instead of 1.75]

[Completely blank]

[Windows added]

[Color on revealed sections]

[Full color! This stops the use of console-view or written message. It becomes a box.]

Merry Christmas, DFTBA, and Allons-y!
-"Seattle Whispers"

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