Friday, May 20, 2011

FTF - May 20

Today is the first of what I hope becomes a weekly tradition for a while: First Try Fridays!
I will be taking random requests from readers and passerbys on what I should draw; the thing is, I'll only draw something I haven't attempted before. This could be a single item, animal, place, person, etc. that I haven't attempted before, or a few things composed together in a way I haven't before.

This week's is the latter; as I have drawn both a lily and a dragonfly before, but never together, or as "a lily turning into dragonflies."

[Pencil and ink]

I'm like 98% I haven't drawn a hedgehog before, and that's good enough for a first try in my book. A single stroke to define the eyes turned out to make him mad. Maybe cause he's alone?
[Pencil and ink]

Please, don't be shy of commenting or emailing me suggestions of things to attempt!

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