Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A brief insight

Wow, I haven't done any thing on here in a while. I'll let you all peak into my mind--here's what I have going on in there; to show you all, and for future proof I was thinking of it about now:
  • More artwork for Binarpilot (...once inspiration hits for it again...)
  • Nature Reclamation Project: Basically, making things to look like nature and install them in very urban / non-natural places. Still in infantile planning.
  • Completing a graphic to correspond with kills during this quarter's game of Humans Versus Zombies at WWU. (See my series on said game).
  • Quilt Museum project. Hush-hush for now until later this year / early next year.
  • Groups of animals and their corresponding group-name (Troop of gorillas, parliament of owls, etc.)
  • Expanded / Deconstructed buildings - Illustrating buildings from a single vantage point. Makes them look like paper models.
  • Possible collaboration with Deadcat creator, Kate Laster (still way up in the air at the moment).
And just for kicks, here are some random sketches I've done lately. I was very fascinated in my teacher's hand movements, as well as those of my fellow students.

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