Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Binarpilot / B-Sides

A few posts ago, I mentioned I was working on a project for the Norwegian musician, Binärpilot (Alexander Støver). Well, I can finally reveal the artwork for the said project. Hooray!

In the previous post (link above) I had a lot of sketches and possible ideas, which I narrowed down to this idea (and a few others that weren't used).

I really liked the idea of the albums as part of a map, so I sketched concerning that idea.
Once I had my idea down, I started going to town on it. First, I did mock-ups by hand, took pictures to put it into the computer, and then messed with it in GIMP. When I was satisfied, I converted everything into vector in Inkscape so it would be easier to manage.
At first I made the map rectangular, and colored, but then it was suggested by Alexander that I should do it in black and white--which was the technique I had used in his forums, and what a lot of the fans really liked.

I'm so glad that I went with his advice; it looks so good. I also reformatted it so that it was rectangular, like an actual album cover.

While I was creating the above image, I intrigued myself with the image of the ship (presumed to belong to Binärpilot). As you can see, I started sketching it early, and my mind latched onto it.
 Instead of deluging Alexander with tons of alternative art covers, I decided to combine two: the ship above, and the ambigram of "Binärpilot". That last image is me practicing with ink, as I didn't like how it looked when I did it purely digitally. The reward for my efforts lies below.

So, now that you see the album artwork, now you just have to await the album's arrival from go get it from Binärpilot on his website.

You are more than welcome to grab either of the two covers to use in your iTunes (and any other music program that displays album art).

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