Monday, January 10, 2011

Thread Art, Part Two

A continuation from my first thread art post. All of these drawings are done on a chat-draw program called Napkin, and on the threads for Binärpilot's Community--also, I use a 8x6 Genius tablet.

I'm just going to throw these up without specifying which thread they came from, since I've already spent enough time not putting these up as often as I should.

Some late-night doodles referencing images on a computer. Never done that before.

Some quick art for my bro's mix of Binärpilot's songs aXXo and Acrodysostosis.
You can hear the "clash-mix" here.

Some retrolutionary/steampunk images for everyone to enjoy.
Trying different styles of shading and drawing on the chat-draw.

Drawing of Binärpilot hanging out with Deadmu5. 
This has yet to happen, but one can hope.

New style/challenge: Don't use the "undo" (z) option on the chat-draw. Had me thinking in a new way.

Well, you all know what this was for. Sorry, Londoners for the crappy Big Ben.

For my friend, Rachael, who adores Friends and wishes the Norwegian title was just like this.

A teaser-map for the Binärpilot fans awaiting the new release. More later.

I was requested to draw "a t-rex with wings, grabbing some ancient aqua-dino out of a river with its giant foot-talons."I didn't like the first version, so I redrew it as below...

...and added in another side of the battle! The left side was created in Napkin and then spliced together with GIMP offline. The full pic above is actually hosted on my DeviantArt page.

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