Sunday, June 20, 2010

MoNA Art Auction

This weekend, I had a piece in the Museum of Northwest Art's annual art auction. This auction is said to be the best exposure new artists can get, and for free. This single event draws thousands of tourists and art lovers from all over the state (and Northwest), but of course a majority hails from Seattle.

Last year I entered a portrait as kind of a "why not?" and it ended up selling. Actually, I spoke with the winning bidder, and she said she was at a restaurant looking at the catalog, and knew she wanted my piece, even by the thumbnail. By the way, last year's submission was this one:

 On the deviantArt page for this, you can read the background story and materials used.

This year, I initially wanted to do another portrait, but to no avail. And then, I was suddenly hooked on the idea of drawing my town, from street view. If you're intrigued, and want to know the background info, you can read it for yourself here.

Anyway, the last I saw of my piece was about three or so weeks ago when I submitted it to the Museum to get framed. It was in three pieces, all disjointed and incoherent...and on Friday night, during the Preview Party, this is what I saw:

I absolutely love how it came out, and the matting is just perfect. A lot of people at the auction were congratulating on my piece, and how much they liked it. The majority of the pieces in this auction are in silent auction sections, and so there isn't as much energy as the main event: the live auction.

Of course, there's still a buzz in the air, and people are continuously flowing in and out of the sections and ebbing in and out of the upstairs section. It's always nice to see so many people interested in art all in one place, and for artists to get recognized and mingle with possible-buyers and appreciators.

Once the silent auctions were finished, I was pulled aside by a few people of note in the community, and they expressed their approval on my piece, and wanted to know if I wanted to collaborate on a future project. I'm excited.

Also of note, while browsing the galleries during the auction, I came upon artist Tom Beckwith's piece. All I have is this little thumbnail from the Museum's auction site.

When I first started my street-view project, I had a few ideas of what I wanted it to look like. One of them looked kind of like this:

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