Monday, June 7, 2010

Art Recommendations

To fill in some time and space before my next post, here are some of my art-related recommendations:

Artists to look for:
[I claim no rights to the artwork, the thumbnails are to show-off the skills of the respective artists.]

 Eric is a crazy-awesome comic book artist that has a unique way of drawing characters. He tends to exaggerate aspects of an image to bring out more movement or emotion. He lives in California, in or around Los Angeles.

 Alex is a successful and very talented graphic artist who has collaborated with bands such as The Used, Cage, and In Flames for album-related graphics. He lives in Cali, San Fransisco Bay area.

Irish artist I stumbled upon one day, and have been hooked on ever since. He is very eco-conscious, and paints on cardboard and recycles materials a lot. He even found a use for cups full of paint-tinged water: stain paper with them for future works. He also gives great art recommendations.

Tran (pronounced Tron) I found through a recommendation by Barry Quinn. She is a young and flourishing Georgia (US) artist. Very ethereal work.

Myca Gilkey

Washington artist who plays around with photography once and a while. Recently, she's expanded into other realms of art, including painting and drawing.

Gretchen is a Seattle-based artist. Her work is inspired by urban and natural environments. She creates pieces out of stickers she finds all over the city. To give back to this community, she has creates a few of her own stickers.

Kai is a very awesome artist I found on DeviantArt. He's done artwork for games, trading cards, and the works. We got talking when Avatar came out, and also about a zombie story I was somewhat writing.

Art Supplies I tend to favor:
[I am not being paid to advertise the products, these are merely what I have found to work for me]

Higgins India Ink
Pilot pen, Precise V5 (extra fine)
Ticonderoga pencils
Sharpie markers
Faber-Castell markers
Golden liquid acrylic paint
White nylon erasers
GIMP (editing/drawing program)
Genius Tablet

Art Event(s):

If you live within or within driving distance of the Skagit Valley, WA, come over for a weekend for the Museum of Northwest Art's 18th Annual Art Auction--June 18-19.

 Crane Guarding Pine by Curt McCauley

You can check out the Museum's page on the auction here. Images of this year's work, as well as contact info for tickets and places to stay are listed.


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