Saturday, March 20, 2010


Even though I've been having trouble lately staying put on an artistic technique or style, I feel as though everything is resonating and going on a good path.

I keep jumping around with ideas and use of media, everything from painting acrylic on seram wrap to sketching on long, long sheets of paper (think of the paper rolls for older, print-calculators). Other art and artists keep pushing, influencing, and driving this jumpy, subject-to-subject, artistic ADD I am experiencing. And I don't care.

Actually, I care a little bit. I get frustrated at the idea that I can't keep still, yet invigorated at all the fresh ideas streaming through my head. Very conflicting, I know.

The whole resonating thing keeps cycling through, and I can feel it everywhere. It might be sort of influenced by the Museum of Northwest Art's newest exhibit, Resonances: Contemporary Echoes Modern.

Four Northwestern curators (of galleries and art museums) have come together to do an excellent show. Each curator chose an older Northwest artist, and then paired their work with the work of another, present day artist. Some of the pairings were obvious, some subtle, but you can see the works all resonating.

It is this vein of at-one-ness that I feel. Maybe because it's Spring time, and everything is changing? I don't know, but we'll see where it takes me.

If you were curious about what sort of things have been inspiring me, here you are:

Resonances: Contemporary Echoes Modern, new exhibit shown in a local (and well-known) art museum, where I've interned for a while.

Tran Nguyen, who I found through Barry Quinn (see below). She is a young Georgian (US) artist. Her name is pronounced "Tron." Most of her paintings are realistic people, with hints of the ethereal and other-worldly.

Barry Quinn, who I found through DeviantArt. He is an Ireland artist, and I like his progression through characters and green-minded tendencies. He also posts about other awesome artists, so its a great reference.

Every Person In New York (aka Jason Polan), who I found on the Yahoo! mainpage. He is fervently trying to sketch every person in New York City, and has been working on it for two years now. Gotte admire the drive.

Alex Pardee, a Californian graphic designer of awesome shirts, as well as The Used's heart-logo (since redeisgned). You just have to see his art for yourself.

BLDGBLOG, which I have no remembrance of how I stumbled upon it, but have loved it since. A blog pertaining to architecture, and pretty much Everything surrounding and paralleling the field. Very intriguing ideas.

Northwestern weather, you gotta love it. If you don't, then wait a bit.

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