Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Frog Hospital Shirts

My friend, Fred Owens: local coffee-shop personality, blogger, have-funner, historian, and contemporary commentator (I think that's redundant with blogger), asked me to design a graphic for his shirts he's selling.

The shirts were for his blog, Frog Hospital, and he told me what he wanted.

"A frog. But nothing about hospital. Some years ago a woman created a frog with crutches for me, but it didn't look right," he told me over coffee. "Also, green and blue, like the Seattle Seahawks."

After talking ideas some more, I got to work. A week or so later I sent him a few sketches of frogs and styles so he could choose from them.

He liked the variety, and I told him once he chose a frog look I could clean it up and make it look better. He ended up sending a cropped version of the big, blue one in the center to the printer and ordered shirts. (My money was on the little buy next to Big Blue).

Now you can buy them from him, or order them from his blog. I'm going to be doing a redesign to a more logo-looking graphic this time around. Maybe I can make something as awesome as this!

I'll post links and all that good stuff when the reboot version is up and hopping.

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