Thursday, November 12, 2009

Second Five Hours

For anyone just finding this post, this is the second in a series that is cataloging my progress with my new, multi-mixed media portrait of Vincent Willem Van Gogh.

More info on my new project--start here for intro.

One thing to start with, as I left it out my last post: The reason I chose Van Gogh. After I found this whole new source of materials for color and texture (the hole-punched dots), I decided to make a portrait of an artist that used pointillism. Apart from George-Pierre Seurat, Paul Signac, and Henri-Edmond Cross, there was Van Gogh.

It might've been biased to pick Van Gogh for being one of my favorite painters (or the fact he's like my great-great-granduncle), but I decided to tribute this project to him.


Since my last post, I've worked another five hours on this project. Slowly but surely I'll get there. I noticed that I had killed off all of my blue dots, so I had to punch some more, and start working on other parts of the portrait. I went through my pile of exhibit art cards, pamphlets, and other colored paper, and found a really nice dark green-gray card.

I started punching for an hour or so, and had a lot of dots that I divided into darker and lighter piles to mimic light--the dark green was going to be Van Gogh's jacket.

When I began gluing the dots down, I noticed there was a size difference in the dots I have. The majority of my dots have been taken from an office hole-punch, but now I was using a home one. The home-made dots were just barely smaller than all the others. I didn't think anything of it, and just spaced them differently.

This ended up being my big mistake. As I set up the portrait and stepped back (on top of a chair), I noticed the white spaces were over powering the colors. I realized my mistake, and went to bed in a bad mood (as it was like 2:30 am).

The next morning, I was relieved to find out that it takes 64 home-made dots to fill in a square, rather than 49 of the office dots. I was so worried I'd have to spend a lot more time finessing the white spaces between dots.

After cutting a new sheet of dots (of the same colors), I jumped back to work. Here are the finished results--old, messed up dots on the left; new dots on right. It might not seem like much, but it really kicks the colors out of whack the old way.

Now that there's a new amount of dots for the future squares, I will have to note which squares have more, and add all the dots that way. So far, after 10 hours of work, I have 1,070 dots on 20 completed squares--and I still have 44 more squares to go!

I also decided that I should have more than just a gridded picture to compose the portrait. I also need a color-guide. I quickly drew up and colored a reference photo of what I'm envisioning for this portrait.


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