Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tattoo Design, Part 2

After seeing the result of my first tattoo design, I got another request to do a 'non-traditional' wing tattoo.

I'm going to skip a lot of my explanations and details of the process, since its almost exactly the same as the above-linked post. I'll just get right to the juicy little thumbnails.

Again, I used GIMP (freeware version of Photoshop), my Genius Tablet, almost an hour to get a good first sketch. As opposed to my first design, I had no real references, so I spent a lot more time messing around with layout and arrangement.

Once I got a green light to continue with details, I started adding more feathers and then blacked out what I was going to use. The original request was to have the larger feathers transition into blades at the tips. After some tweaking, I got a shine that I liked, but eventually deleted. I rationed that those types of details should be handled with the tattoo artist when the tattoo was really going to get done.

Once all that was done, then it was time to use a little ink and test how it'll look. The result only made myself and commissioner to want to see the real thing more. Below is the final template as far as I am involved.

As far as I know, the actual tattoos are being done this week. I will try and post some of the pictures if I am permitted to.


If you're interested in getting a tattoo design, go ahead and email me to ask for design rates. The small thumbnails are for the protection of the designs.

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