Monday, September 12, 2011

Gaches Mansion Commission

Last Friday, I was showing my finished panels to a group of people from the Quilt & Textile Museum. I am almost finished with the first phase of this big project I'm doing with them. As we were winding down the director of the Museum, Liz, asked to see some of my sketches. As she browsed, she found a few sketches I had done a year ago that she had seen me working on. She asked if I could recreate the sketches on nice stock-paper for her. I said yes, and got to work during the weekend.

Here are the original sketches from long ago...

Liz really liked the Halloween look, as well as the cross-hatching I used for shading. At first I used a watered down ink with a nib, but it wasn't handling how I liked. So, I just grabbed my trusty ol' Pilot pen, and that worked beautifully. After taking some pre-sketch runs, I roughed it out in pencil.

Then afterwards I went over everything with the Pilot pen. I didn't even erase the pencil, but you can barely see it anyway.
Halloween Gaches (8" x 11"), September [10] 2011
Liz really enjoyed the finished piece, and said she was going to proudly frame and display it 

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