Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Whirling Behind the Waves

Here at WWU, we have an excellent gallery (Viking Union Gallery) that is constantly bringing in awesome exhibits and art to the student community. Last week the "You've Got Secrets Show" ended a great run. If you are curious about that, I wrote about it on my other blog.

This week, the wonderful Gallery Coordinator, Allie Paul, has brought in another memorable show (read: experience); Dennis McNett's Whirling Waves & Wolfbats. 

McNett is a Brooklyn-based artist that is known for his woodblock printing and installation art. Some common themes that run through his art include bats, wolves, and of course, Norse mythology. Which makes him perfect for WWU--the home of the Vikings.

As part of this new show, not only is McNett displaying a variety of prints on paper and fabric and skateboards, but also two installation sculptures--a model Viking boat, and a dragon pinata; although, the latter might not be recognizable after the opening reception...

ALSO, he has invited WWU students (art majors and / or otherwise inclined) to help with the project of constructing and building and preparing for the opening reception this Thursday night--specifically the dragon and a series of Viking-esque / -inspired helmets and masks. Because of the awesome collaboration, there should be an equally (if not greater) amount of awesome during the reception.

So, here is a small compilation of photos archiving the prep-work for the show, which will run from February 3-18 in the VU Gallery (5th floor of WWU's Viking Union). I will add more photos during the week, and look for a blog reviewing the show on my Seattle Whispers blog.

All the following photos were taken by me, and show work by McNett and awesome students. I will only credit work as my own when it is true.

Some prints and their skateboard-mounted versions.

Wall-height print on fabric.

The wire-frame for the dragon Fire Eagle.

McNett hard at work on forming the dragon Fire Eagle.

An example of a helmet's first layer (made by a friend and I)

Some more awesome examples of helmets in various stages.

Finished helmet by my friend and I. Last layer is a collage of hand-printed paper by McNett.

The fully-formed Fire Eagle, awaiting the sacrifice.

Viking boat model, T-minus 7 hours to the opening reception.

Detail of the ship.

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